A Perform Europe Project

co-produced with

proto produkciia agency (Ukraine) and arte sella (italy)

Led by Proto Produkciia Agency, the project co-creates and presents local performances of Ukrainian artists ‘Lost Movement’ by Nana Biakova and ‘Without Name’ by Sasha Kurmaz in Ukraine, Italy, and Ireland. Ukrainian artists collaborate remotely with local performers, fostering intercultural dialogue on remembering, commemoration, and movement. The project is initiated by a consortium of partners led by proto produkciia from Ukraine, and including Arte Sella from Italy and CoisCéim from Ireland.

Two Ukrainian works will be presented in their local context. Following this, the works will be virtually explored and reinterpreted in Italy and Ireland. Ukrainian artists will engage in online discussions with local artists from two countries. These discussions will focus on the core concepts, allowing for reinterpretation of and adaptation to the specific cultural contexts of Italy and Ireland. The final performances will showcase the artistic exchange and will happen without the physical presence of Ukrainian artists. 

This innovative approach eliminates travel, significantly reducing the project’s carbon footprint while increasing accessibility to impactful performances across Europe. The project redefines international collaboration by prioritising local artist integration and developing a replicable model for future artistic exchange.



PERFORMING MEMORY is one of 42 performing arts partnerships to receive funding from the Perform Europe Open Call

Perform Europe received 435 proposals from all eligible countries, in response to the Open Call. Projects were selected by 17 expert evaluators for their innovative touring ideas, while balance was ensured in terms of geography, performing arts disciplines, and the call’s priorities. Each partnership project will receive up to EUR 60 000 in funding to bring their touring projects to life. Notably, 13 % of the total fund will be allocated to projects supporting the Ukrainian performing arts sector.

From July 2024 to November 2025, these 42 partnerships involving no less than 196 partners, will tour 63 performing arts works across all 40 Creative Europe countries. It is remarkable to note that performing arts professionals and organisations, from ALL of the Creative Europe countries are represented in the selection. They will test innovative ideas and models for touring, all with one common goal: to redefine how the performing arts can reach audiences in a greener, more inclusive, and more diverse way.


about perform europe

Perform Europe, supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, is a funding scheme for the European performing arts sector. Through its Open Call, it aims to facilitate international networking and supports inclusive, diverse, and green partnerships that wish to tour across the 40 Creative Europe countries. Perform Europe is implemented by a consortium of six organisations: IETM – International network for contemporary performing artsEuropean Festivals Association (EFA)CircostradaEuropean Dance Development NetworkPearle * – Live Performance Europe and IDEA Consult.


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