The Choreography Project 10

Led by Catherine Young


31 October – 6 December 2014


A family photo. A story beneath. It moves us. We are all a bundle of relationships and families, unfolding in this shared world. Each of us, a reservoir of memories. Our body is our confession where these stories lie. 

THE TIDES THAT BIND US started with a simple photo. Inspired by a workshop I took with Argentinian Theatre maker Vivi Tellas, I was curious to begin this project with a photo…a mysterious family photo. Coming into this new diverse group – family was something we all had in common; it was our common point of departure. We shared the photos, the stories behind the photos – found common themes running through them and each wrote a monologue inspired by their picture, then we allowed the movement to emerge. I created phrases in response to the monologues and the dancers also improvised to find movement, interspersed together, the piece came to be. Catherine Young, December 2015


The Choreography Project culminated in two wonderful informal performances of THE TIDES THAT BIND US in the Pillar Room at The Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. The beautiful surroundings of the Pillar Room provided a perfect environment for work which had been developed over six weeks by Catherine Young and the 18 participants. We were delighted that over 150 friends , family and public attended and joined in the social celebrations which followed.

The informal performances also included a short excerpt of new piece BUTTERFLY by choreographers Muirne Bloomer and Philippa Donnellan by Creative Steps Youth Dance Group. Drawing from a variety of disparate sources as inspiration – from the life cycle of a butterfly to the opera Madame Butterfly, it is anticipated that BUTTERFLY will evolve as a large scale dance theatre piece in the future.

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A regular feature of our BROADREACH programme, THE CHOREOGRAPHY PROJECT is a creative and performance opportunity for adults to work with professional choreographers in the exploration of contemporary dance theatre.  

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