Three Anchors to Thrive

Strategic Plan 2022-2027

In 2019, ahead of its 25-year anniversary, CoisCéim started to lay the foundations for a new five-year strategic plan. 

We looked optimistically forward to 2020…

and then the world changed… provoking us to reflect and think in new ways about what a model for the future might look like. 

We started with our VISION and VALUES, the marks we make, and the traces that ‘ripple out forever’.  We challenged our thinking around “growth” – and came to the conclusion that to realise our mission, we needed to take a radical new approach. 

The result is a fit-for-purpose business model to enable us to THRIVE as part of a circular, interdependent ecology. It is anchored by three keystones: CREATIVE RESILIENCE, INCLUSIVITY and SUSTAINABILITY.

We exist to create “exceptional, inclusive, and sustainable dance theatre” – this is our core purpose and it underpins everything we do – every decision we make.  Under our new strategic plan – we will consider ourselves to be in good health if by 2027 we:

HAVE FORTIFIED OUR RESOURCES to be dynamic in our ambition –  with our activity programme being defined by its creative cycle and having diversified & grown income sources so that Arts Council Strategic Funding accounts for less than 50% of turnover.

HAVE HARNESSED THE POTENTIAL OF PLACE – through a vibrant, creative hub for dance in Fairview that is valued by the local community and connected to the wider world.

ARE THRIVING SUSTAINABLY – as a carbon positive business with a nimble, elastic organisational structure – reflective and representative of the society we serve.



Three Anchors to Thrive | Strategic Business Plan 2022-2027

This plan is designed to be succinct, robust and replicable – find out more about how we developed it here:

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